Take Healing Seriously – Today!

A ‘Wound’ can be defined as:

wound 1 (wnd)


1. An injury, especially one in which the skin or another external surface is torn, pierced, cut, or otherwise broken.
2. An injury to the feelings.
As quoted from the website The Free Dictionary.com

You may have suffered or encountered many wounds in the course of your life – mental wounds caused by harsh or unfair words from people whose opinion you care about or those in a position of power; emotional wounds caused by difficult experiences and even the challenge we face to our own self-esteem and self-confidence; physical wounds like injuries, pulled muscles or soreness from the new workout plan we so enthusiastically started at the beginning of this year…whatever has wounded us, and whether it was recent or in the past, our wounds do not define us.

We can cultivate a spirit of Acceptance – that we accept the lessons to be learned from difficult experiences, accept concern and support from our friends and loved ones, and that we move toward accepting the fact that sometimes no matter what we do, we cannot prevent ALL negativity from entering our lives.

A spirit of Appreciation – that we make an effort to appreciate the strength we can muster to move through and beyond difficult experiences, even as we are in the midst of the journey through the darker times and into the marvelous light of victory.

A spirit of Learning – that we find the clarity and objectivity to examine and analyze what has happened to us and find ways to either avoid the negativity or stop it dead in it’s tracks before it visits us again. And that we extend the spirit of Learning toward our own healing.

Healing is a conscious, intentional and on-purpose kind of process. We can go within ourselves, celebrate peaceful and contemplative silence and remember that we have the power to be whole and complete. We can make decisions on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis and beyond to cultivate and implement a whole and healthy life.

Use your healing potential to call forth the Power that is inside me – it is my birthright. I do not have to ‘earn’ my Power, it is part of me, throughout my body, my mind and my spirit. I am gentle, yet forceful with myself and I can realign my thoughts toward a healthy and positive result. I accept responsibility for my own healing – emotional, physical and mental – and I pledge to trust myself and listen more closely to my inner voice.