The DivaStyle Image System

whoru-600X398Step 1: Discover Your Authentic Personality

So what does your personality type have to do with your level of success and living a DivaStyle life?

In a word – EVERYTHING!

There are many types of personality assessment systems that offer insight into human behavior and motivation, and this kind of insight can help you make decisions about what’s right for you in many areas of your life – your job, personal relationships, etc.

But have you ever considered that just as your personality type is important in career and business success, it can also be helpful in making choices about your level of confidence and self-esteem? Learn more


Step 2: Define Yourself, Your Wayself esteem wordle

If you’ve ever struggled with your self-esteem or self-confidence, found yourself negatively affected by words thrown AT you by others, or even fallen victim to negative words you use to describe yourself, then this workshop is for you. It’s time to break free from the cycle of negative descriptions of yourself – whether they come from others, or from yourself. You can learn to re-define the way you see yourself and the words you use to describe yourself. Learn more



color-palette-2-750x375Step 3: Color and Personality

It’s one of the least expensive tools you can use to define your visual image, yet it’s also the tool that can create an immediate and dramatic Transformation!

Here’s the clear and indisputable truth; it doesn’t cost any more to wear a color that brings out and enhances your most Dynamic, Intriguing, Vivacious and Audacious self than one that doesn’t – but the impact is undeniable.

And how do you choose those colors? You need some insider knowledge…You need to know the specific colors – and the intensity of those colors – that bring out what’s special and unique about you – while incorporating (not ignoring or fighting) your natural coloring. Learn more


body frame types - 1024x535Step 4: Celebrate & Know Your Body

When you’ve lost a lot of weight, your body changes – often in dramatic and drastic ways that you may not be consciously aware of until you really EXAMINE that new body. Instead of stressing out over the changes and disliking the stranger you now see in the mirror, let’s talk about a comprehensive process that will help you become more comfortable with your new physical self, and figure out how the changes in your body can help you to create and manifest your own definition of DivaStyle.

Bring your knowledge of personality, self-esteem and color knowledge from the prior steps, add what you’re going to learn about body proportion and silhouette, and you’ll be ready to see your physical self in a whole new, positive and empowering way. Learn more


Base capsule part 1Step 5: Create Your New Wardrobe – Capsule Wardrobing

Capsule Wardrobing is the principle of mixing and matching a minimal number of garments to create numerous outfits. Great for professionals, those re-entering the career market, recently promoted supervisors, or those looking to advance their careers.

Do you want to dress well but don’t have deep pockets? Capsule Wardrobing can provide a solution to daily dressing challenges. You’ll learn basic wardrobe principles and how to put them to work for you. Learn more