Get Through The Things That Suck In Your Closet

“Everything you want is surrounded by things that SUCK…as long as you’re willing to get through the stuff that sucks, you can have EVERYTHING that you want.”

Jonathan Sprinkles


The quote above is from a very good friend and amazing speaker – Jonathan Sprinkles. Yes – that’s really his last name! It struck me particularly sharply today, as I’m working on getting through some of the “stuff” that sucks with regard to my own wardrobe. You see, even though I am an accomplished Image Professional, sometimes I still have challenges with letting go of old garments and shoes in my closet.

You know the ones – the sentimental garments that immediately take you back to a happy time…the shoes you wore on that special date that made you feel like you could dance all night, or the ones that got you whistled at when you were with your friends…

The jacket that seemed to make you look a size smaller, or curvier, or taller, or ____________________ (insert adjective here)…but now is a little more tattered and worn than you can really stand, and yet…it’s so hard to let go of…

That beautiful pair of shoes that simply does NOT fit your foot, no matter how you try to adjust it…they are brand new, and haven’t been worn more than 5 or 10 steps, because that’s all you can STAND before you take them off and sadly put them back in the box…

The unusually colored suit (or the one in that “special” fabric)  that you bought on sale, promising yourself you would find just the right shoe, bag, necklace, or ________________________ (insert item here) to make it a complete “outfit” and then you’d wear it every week…but somehow, you never found quite the right “whatever” to make it work, and it’s been sitting in your closet ever since…

It’s time to get those garments, shoes, accessories and more out of your closet…they are part of the “Things That Suck”! Until and unless you can get those things out of your closet and your life, you can’t move on…there’s simply NO ROOM. I don’t dare buy another pair of shoes, for instance, until I get rid of some of my “Shoes That Suck”. There’s NO MORE ROOM in my shoe area for more boxes. Yes – I could take them out of the boxes and throw them on the floor, but that creates a secondary problem! It’s time to get ruthless and get RID of the excess.

Now getting rid of the excess “stuff” in your closet will produce several benefits:

  • You’ll have more room in your closet and not having to fight to get garments out of it.
  • You’ll find more hangers for the things you may have purchased and had no room to hang.
  • You can consign your extra items or sell them online to recoup part of your investment.
  • You’ll find it easier to define your personal style when the ‘Things That Suck’ are removed.

Don’t wait any longer – clear out your closet and get rid of the ‘Things That Suck’ so that you can move forward to your most Dynamic, Intriguing, Vivacious and Audacious visual image!