3 Steps to Go From Uninspired to Motivated

Whether it’s losing weight, finding a new home, or trying to land a new dream job, being motivated can make the difference between achieving the success you desire and falling short of your quest in defeat.

Preparation for success requires hard work, and despite what some in today’s “get it now” world will tell you, it isn’t always easy. Sometimes, you might feel like the only real way to reach your goal is with unlimited amounts of motivation – and that can be hard to come by.

By now you’re probably wondering, “How can I find and supercharge my motivation?”

Try these techniques to spur you on to greater success:

1. Find motivation from those around you. The world is filled with people who could have been successful, yet couldn’t for any number of reasons. It is also filled with many highly successful people who have, and continue to motivate themselves each day to reach higher and achieve more.

* The great news is that you can draw inspiration and motivation from both types of people. Those who haven’t achieved their goals can serve as reminder of where you don’t want to be and why you’re willing to work hard to reach your goals.

* People that are enjoying high levels of success can also serve as motivation, giving you a concrete vision of where you can one day be, and even tips to help you achieve your vision.

* In addition, seeing others like you becoming successful reinforces the idea that success is possible, and that you have the capacity to turn your own dreams into reality.

* If others can be successful, then why can’t you? Rather than coming up with reasons why you can’t reach success, focus on discovering all the reasons why you can, and create action plans to get you there!

2. Stay focused on the purpose. If you’re training to run a marathon, you’ll spend significant amounts of time running every day. If you’re waking up every morning and subjecting your body to intense levels of physical exertion with no meaning behind it, you’ll be more likely to lose interest.

* A major part of being successful is reminding yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing to reach your end goal.

* When you remember and reinforce your “why,” you’ll devote more focused energy into your preparation to achieve outstanding results.

* It’s important to stay centered on the reason you’re doing something, and if you’re unable to come up with a reason, perhaps you should be doing something else.

3. Believe in yourself. When you’re in the trenches, working hard each day to grind your way to victory, it’s easy to question yourself and your abilities.

* Stay positive and have faith in your skills and hard work. Otherwise you’ll be planting a seed of doubt in everything that you do.

* Remaining positive can be a challenge, yet part of the entire idea of having faith in yourself has much to do with continuing to make forward progress even when you’re not clear where your steps will take you.

* This means that, even if you’re not sure exactly how you’re going to achieve your goal, you can still take positive and productive steps towards that goal, knowing in your heart that you’ll successfully cross any bridges once they present themselves.

Practice using these techniques each day and soon you’ll find that motivation seems to come naturally to you. Your lackluster efforts will be a thing of the past as you boldly go forward into your shining future of success!