Mistake Proof Wardrobe Additions – Let's Discuss!

We all aspire to a mistake-proof wardrobe – right? One that fits our personality and coloring, gives us the easy, breezy, attractive style options we want, and without breaking the budget…right?

Adam Glassman, who writes for Oprah.com, put together a list of 10 Mistake-Proof Items Every Woman Should Own, and I liked the idea of the article so much, I’m quoting some of the content here in case you missed it. Of course I’ve got my own spin on the suggestions – but we’ll get to that…

10 Items Every Woman Should Own…

1. Touches of Animal Print – on a bag or shoe, a little zebra or tiger operates like a neutral.

LYR Note: If your coloring is warm (yellow-based), traditional brown / gold / ivory animal prints will be a great addition; if you are cool (blue-based) in your coloring, like I am, stick with the black / white / grey animal prints for a more flattering look. Mixing warm and cool colors is not prohibited, but be careful not to cause a visual clash where they meet.

2. A leather jacket – now a year-round staple, they come in lighter weights and in pale colors.

3. A man’s watch – not too fussy or dainty. If you wear a lot of gold jewelry, pick a watch with gold tones; if you wear mostly silver, pick a watch made of stainless steel.

LYR Note: Be careful with scale on a man’s watch. Some more petite women might be overwhelmed by a larger mans’ watch. A taller or fuller-figured woman can carry off a larger man’s watch with more ease.

4. Diamond hoop earrings – more youthful than studs, they polish off a casual look and complete dressy ones. Keep the size either small or medium unless you want to be mistaken for an entertainer. There are great faux diamond earrings available too.

5. A sequined scarf – every woman should have sequins for day. Mr. Glassman feels the unexpected combination of plain plus fancy is the key to it’s appeal.

LYR Note: Be careful with this one – if you work in a conservative industry, keep the sequins as part of your outerwear. Having a little bling on your commute will not damage your career, but showing up to a board meeting with sequins on might make some people think twice…

6. White jeans – choose a premium denim or at least a moderate weight fabric so they will last longer.

LYR Note: Leave these in the closet on sloppy days, and be sure they are perfectly hemmed so they don’t drag on the ground and pick up irremovable stains and dirt.

7. A neutral shoe – in leather, patent leather or fabric, a pair of heels that matches your skin color visually extends the line of your leg.

LYR Note: When you find this shoe, search for stockings in a closely-matched color, and then buy a couple dozen pairs! You’ll have them in stock for when they are needed, and not have to worry about whether you can find them when the inevitable happens and you get a run.

8. An oversize blazer – the “borrowed from the boys” look isn’t going anywhere. At the office, throw on a jacket – black, navy or pinstriped.

9. A pencil skirt – sexy without being revealing, and appropriate at any age – it works for every woman. If you have a boyish figure, it gives the impression of curves; if you’re curvy, it plays up your figure; if your plus-sized, it’s more flattering than a full skirt.

10. A lace-trimmed bra or camisole – peeking out from under a V-neck, a little frill on a bra, or camisole adds a touch of beauty.

LYR Note: Watch your neckline and avoid showing too much cleavage (or lace). Subtle appeal is the desired theme here…

So tell me what you think? Are these items you would consider “mistake proof”, or do you have some additions / subtractions from this list?