Bravo InStyle! Wardrobe Basics Checklist

Bravo to InStyle magazine – their recent feature on Wardrobe Basics includes a checklist to help you build a foundation wardrobe of timeless pieces that will be versatile and functional.

Take their suggestions and modify them slightly to fit your coloring, body shape and personal sense of style. For instance – a lot of the tops / blouses they suggest are in foundation colors of black and white – if those colors don’t flatter your skin tone or your color preference, pick two basic colors like royal blue and white, chocolate and ivory, or some other combination. When choosing colors, make sure that one is medium-toned to darker, and the other lighter in color. The increased contrast (color difference) between the two makes for more interest and more drama.

In this post, I’ll share with you the items marked “Always In Season” and on Wednesday, I’ll share the items they marked specifically for Fall and Winter, since they’ll likely be the most applicable for current weather conditions.

On Friday, I’ll share the items marked specifically for Spring and Summer – you’ll have a chance to take advantage of annual sales and previews and do some wardrobe planning so that when these items hit the stores in your area, you’ll be ready.

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