Bravo InStyle! Wardrobe Basics Part 3 – Spring and Summer

Well we’re here – the final installment of my Wardrobe Basics series of posts, inspired by a terrific article on the InStyle magazine website. You can find the previous two articles here and here.

Building a wardrobe does not have to be terribly expensive, and does not have to take a lot of time. Knowing your personality and your style makes it much easier and simpler. Once you are armed with the knowledge of what looks good on your body (the one you have right now, not necessarily your ideal body) and with your natural coloring, it’s very rewarding to choose garments that will harmonize with your new image, your expanded and evolved personality, and your career or community activities.

In this article, we’ll talk about Spring and Summer basics – warm weather clothing that doesn’t necessarily have to fall into the ‘weekend casual’ category, but which can be worn to work or to business events when the recommended attire is ‘business casual’.

Spring Basics

  • Cotton polo. More tailored than a T-shirt, it offers cool comfort on even the stickiest days.
  • Cotton blouse. An airy and attractive springtime fundamental.
  • Printed tops. A few boldly patterned pieces add life and color to spring basics.

LYR Note: Spend a little extra on a brand with a good reputation – catching a sale or finding gently used garments from a quality retailer like Lands’ End or Talbots can save you quite a bit of money and still allow you to dress stylishly. While these garments may not be “cutting edge”, they are classics that will be versatile and wearable for years instead of just months. Check consignment shops in upscale areas for additional bargains on lower cost items like blouses and tops.

  • Lightweight cashmere sweater. Single-ply cashmere offers comfort in over-air-conditioned offices and movie theaters.
  • Cotton button-up cardigan. Combines the softness of a sweatshirt with the elegance of a cashmere sweater.

LYR Note: Check seasonal sales at your favorite retailers to take advantage of ‘stock up’ sales on items like cashmere or cashmere blend sweaters. If you have sensitive skin, try a smaller cashmere item (gloves or a scarf) before investing in a sweater. If your skin does not react adversely (itching) to the smaller cashmere-containing garment, you may be able to tolerate a larger garment. If cashmere is not in the picture for you, consider a silk or silk and acrylic blend as a replacement. It will be available at a lower price point, and can be just as wearable and versatile.