What's YOUR Fashion Personality?

Being consistent with a style or mode of fashion is not necessarily a bad thing – consistency with your image can inspire trust and confidence in you and your abilities – but everyone could use a periodic style update to keep their look fresh and new. If it’s been a year or more since your last fashion ‘tweak’, this is a great time to do a fashion reality check and determine if you are stuck in a fashion statement rut, or if you can dig out of the old and into the new.

Try this simple fashion screening to see if you match one or more of the examples:

1. If these words could be used to describe you: deep, thoughtful, introspective, serious, and perfectionistic. Your motto may be: “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!”

You may find resonance with the Perfect Melancholy personality and style orientation. Melancholy does not mean Sad in this case, but it can mean that the individual who fits this personality and style type will gravitate to balanced and harmonious looks. They always desire to look “put together” and will be most comfortable in ‘outfits’ or ‘ensembles’ that are intentionally purchased and dedicated to be worn together. They are seen by others as refined, elegant and fashionable, exuding cool sophistication and good taste.

2. If these words could be used to describe you: easygoing, diplomatic, requiring time to adapt to changes, reserved, but with an innate wit and a gift for saying the right thing at the right time. People may say about you “She is such a nice woman” or “He is so sweet…”

You may find resonance with the Peaceful Phlegmatic personality and style orientation. Phlegmatic is an odd word, but this personality type is critical for the success of many aspects of society. This individual will choose softly tailored, unstructured garments with little fussy detail. They might have a few favorite outfits that form the base of their wardrobe, and then mix and match items to give versatility. This individual will avoid tailoring or details that might restric their mobility, and will favor fabrics with texture. They are seen by others as warm and friendly, with a keen sense of responsibility, and they are also seen as valued and trusted friends.

3. If these words could be used to describe you: fun-loving, sunny, outgoing, dramatic, and talkative. Others may say about you “She never met a stranger” or “He talks all the time…”

You may find resonance with the Popular Sanguine personality and style orientation. This personality tends to draw people to them because they seem to be having such a good time. They can turn trivial events into soap operas, are humorous, fascinating, and energetic. You may find it a challenge to focus on one aspect of your wardrobe, instead collecting items from many different sources and failing to produce a cohesive whole. Becoming fixated on a certain color or type of garment can cause you to fall into a rut and look the same all the time. This personality is artistic, charming and gives great attention to the senses and how things look – and may run the risk of being seen as superficial. They are capable of accomplishing great things with their vibrant, dynamic and charming personalities and should develop an image plan that enhances their strengths.

4. If these words could be used to describe you: powerful, determined, self-disciplined, determined, and stubborn. If you are put into positions where someone direct and forceful is needed, and people refer to you as a “go getter” or a “doer”, you may find resonance with the Powerful Choleric personality and style orientation.

This individual are programmed to put more emphasis on getting their own way versis getting others to like them; they strive for control, love being challenged, and easily accept difficult assignments. They are strong leaders – having an ability to focus that help them get things done. This individual chooses garments and accessories that make a statement and project the power and force of their personality. They might have fewer garments in their wardrobe, but likely will make it up in accessories. They are not afraid of color, and also prefer to dress in ‘ensembles’ – a nose-to-toes finished look. Fabrics with a defined shape and in refined fabrics. Nothing overly casual will suit this individual – they are often viewed as cool and aloof, with nerves of steel and a wardrobe to match.

If you have seen aspects of your personality in this article and would like to know more about how one or more of these categories might fit you, check out the ‘Personality and Wardrobe‘ service.